Shortline Railroad

Commerce Chenango NYS&W - Chenango County NY

Track Reconstruction and Rehabilitation

Stone Consulting & Design, P.C. was the Engineer-in-Charge for Commerce Chenango (also known as Chenango County Industrial Development Agency) in the most complex and extensive railroad rehabilitation project in New York State in many years.

The Chenango County project consisted of the rehabilitation of 45.54 miles of severely storm damaged, washed out and neglected track that was left for abandonment in 2006 and used $4.59 million dollars in construction budget to bring it back to operating condition. An enormous feat not thought possible with the budget available and the extent of the damage and neglect incurred to this property.

The scope of this project was staggering, highlighted by the following:

• All permitting done for NYSDEC and Army Corps Compliance
• Field reconnaissance completed in less than 4 weeks for contract work scope and engineering development
• Contract engineering work performed within final budgeting
• Contract let and awarded in compliance with engineered budget consisting of:
• Miles of Railroad: 45.54
• Bridges Re-decked: 25
• Bridges Repaired: 36
• Washouts Repaired: 32
• New Enhanced Concrete Box Culverts: 7
• Production Ties installed: 8378
• Loose Rail Joints Tightened: 6767
• New Bolt Sets Installed: 4546
• Defective Joint Bars Replaced: 74
• Ballast Distributed and Surfaced: 1675 tons
• Track Surfaced: 16,905 Track Feet
• Ditching for Drainage Enhancement: 4890 lineal feet
• Defective Rails changed out: 20
• Gaging for FRA Track Safety Standards Compliance: 44 feet
• Rail Anchors Replaced: 156
• Defective Tie Plates Replaced: 425
• Crossings Rebuilt: 3
• Weed and Brush Spray Program: 45.54 miles
• Turnouts Repaired: 3

This track was restored to the upper end of FRA Class I and much of it would comply with FRA Class II. Final Hi-Rail Geometry testing was conducted to measure actual surfacing and alignment defects.

This construction was done in less than 9 months’ time under the supervision of Stone Consulting & Design, P.C. engineering, design and track experts. The pace of construction beat the project deadline by over 6 months while coming in slightly under budget even after making additional enhancements and repairs deemed prudent to bring the track structure up to the highest possible standards.

September 2015


Stone Consulting assisted Southwestern Railroad in performing track inspections and assessments over 240 miles of the Carlsbad Sub and 102 miles of the Deming Sub in New Mexico. These inspections were targeted towards safety assessment and enhancement related to FRA Part 213 Track Safety Standards and were an integral part of the data used in developing a multi-year track capital projects plan.

The Southwestern Railroad is a heavy haul line operating unit trains of frac sand, CBR, potash, salt and other products. The railroad is part of the Western Group based in Ogden, UT.

Stone Consulting has experienced track inspectors that can help in determining baseline conditions, create track rehabilitation work scopes and designers to provide specialized engineering design services.

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