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Boyertown Transload Bid Awarded


In 2020, Stone assisted The Redevelopment Authority of Berks County and the Coalbrookdale Railroad in applying for an RTAP grant from PennDOT . The project was approved for funding in the spring of 2021.

This project will construct the only transload site on the Coalbrookdale Railroad. It will include a runaround track, two sidings and an unloading pit. Some of the challenges included an existing sanitary sewer force main that could not be relocated, drainage issues and elevation issues. The freight unloader required that the unloading pit have a 12’ under track clearance.

The project was bid in December of 2021.

Six bids were received and the low bidder was Amtrac Railroad Contractors of Maryland with a bid of $1,526,348. The bid was awarded and construction will begin in the spring of 2322.

Construction complete for ATI Flat Rolled Products Yard Expansion


Stone Consulting was retained to prepare plans for the expansion of the Natrona Heights Rail Yard for ATI in 2019. The design plans were required to be approved for operation by Norfolk Southern because they are the connecting carrier and deliver cars to the yard in Natrona Heights. Stone completed the design in 2019 and NS approved it.

In 2021, Stone was again contacted by ATI and asked to prepare bid plans and documents to construct the yard using an RTAP grant from PennDOT Bureau of Rail Freight Ports and Waterways.

The project was approved for bidding by PennDOT and bids were received in June. Nine bids were received and the low bidder was TRAC Corporation of Camp Hill, PA with a bid of $2,149,089.40. The contract was awarded and construction began in August.

All work was completed in November of 2021, just 4 months after construction began.

Streeter – Alstom Hornell Yard Revitalization

News - October 2017

Stone Consulting was hired as a Sub-Contractor to Rehabilitate the Track infrastructure for the facility and negotiate a suitable solution for inbound and outbound shipments between Alstom and Norfolk Southern. Stone Consulting began by evaluating the existing rail in the yard. Next, the 30% Design included 8,000 feet of new track construction, 21 turnouts and extending the existing Test Track and 3rd Rail system and Technical Specifications. The project was successfully bid final design is currently underway. This project is part of a multimillion dollar upgarde to the Alstom Hornell Facility to accommodate the construction and testing of the new AMTRAK Liberty Avelia Trainsets.

Arcade & Attica Railroad

News - September 2017

Stone Consulting & Design, PC has been named engineers for the Arcade & Attica Railroad’s recent track and bridge rehabilitation project. The project involves rail, ties, ballast and surfacing of six miles of track in order to enhance it to meet requirements for 286K car loads. Also associated with the project is the rehabilitation, repair and upgrade of one of the railroad’s bridges to accommodate 286K loads of feed cars.

The project total is slightly over 1.5 million dollars and is funded in partnership with NYSDOT.

The Arcade & Attica Railroad operates 15 miles of track in Western New York State and offers both tourist rail excursions and general freight service.

Jamestown Excursion Study

News - September 2017

Stone Consulting & Design, P.C. selected as the Consultant to perform the Jamestown Excursion Study. Click link for announcement.

Heritage Rail Alliance

News - September 2017

Stone Consulting’s Randy Gustafson was elected onto the Board of Directors for the Heritage Rail Alliance (formerly TRAIN/ATRRM)

TMS International Track Rehabilitation Phase II, West Mifflin, PA

News - August 2017

Stone Consulting has completed the design and bidding portions of Phase II of the Track Rehabilitation project at the West Mifflin facility. The construction phase has just begun and should be completed by June of 2018. The project consists of rehabilitating yard tracks and will include the reconstruction of a portion of the track along with a raise, align and surface and crosstie replacement of 3500’of track. The reconstruction will include an additional 3000' of track and turnouts. Also included will be concrete encasement of rehabbed track that will function as road crossings for the yard roadways and a launching area for the facility railcar mover.

SEPTA Frazer Yard Expansion Project

News - July 2017

To accommodate the delivery of new locomotives and Multi-Level trailers and cab cars, SEPTA is performing necessary renovations and expansion of the 30-year-old Frazer shop and yard facilities. Phase I of the project included the installation of a retaining wall, upgrading the stormwater system and the construction of 3 new yard tracks.

Stone Consulting was hired as a Sub-Contractor on this design build project by C. Abbonizio Contractors, Inc. to design the 3 new yard tracks, tracks 10, 11 &12, in the yard as well as the concrete foundations for the catenary system that would accompany those tracks.  The design included plan, profile and cross sections of the 3 1200’ long yard tracks as well as specifications.  The plans and specifications were completed on time and submitted to SEPTA for final approval. See Frazer Yard website for project updates.

County of Chenango Industrial Development Agency Announces
Start of Rail Revitalization

News - March 2016

Norwich, NY - The Rail Revitalization Project begun by the Chenango County Industrial Development Agency (CCIDA) in 2011 will mark a major milestone on Wednesday, March 23rd, when Frontier Railroad Services, LLC of New Stanton, Pennsylvania begins removing brush and other obstacles along the 45.5 miles of the New York Susquehanna and Western (NYS&W) rail right-of-way in Chenango County.


Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad From a Catastrophe to New in 19 Days

News - September 2015

Stone Consulting, Inc. came to the rescue of the Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad on September 9, 2015 after a semi-truck collided with a railroad bridge over Route 558, near New Waterford, Ohio.

The truck, carrying an oversized load of steel tubing, ripped the bridge from its abutments and brought it smashing to the ground. The photos (above left) is of the state of the bridge shortly after the collision. The 13 feet of clearance was just not quite enough.

This link provides additional information and photographs about the accident.

Youngstown and Southeastern Railroad immediately called Stone Consulting and asked for assistance in repairing the bridge. Stone went immediately to the site to inspect the damage. The next day Stone began working on a solution.

That solution was…A NEW BRIDGE. Stone designed a new 35’ long deck girder bridge with shallower beams allowing for more clearance under the bridge. The two original, nearly 4’ high girders, where replaced with 6 new 32” high girders. Gaining almost 16” of vertical clearance under the bridge.

The plans were finalized, the steel was purchase, and a new bridge was constructed at an offset location. Then 19 days later, on September 28, 2015, the new bridge was lifted into positon, the track was reconnected, and the Youngstown & Southeastern Railroad was back in business.

Stone Consulting provided a quality and cost effective solution to this catastrophic event and with its quick action, vast knowledge, and experienced staff it allowed the Youngstown & Southeastern to get back in business fast.


News - December 2015

Stone Consulting was retained by the County of Ulster New York to perform a corridor analysis for the highest and best use of the former Ulster & Delaware Railroad corridor west of Kingston, NY to the Delaware County line.

Stone Consulting was given 45 days and asked to conduct an analysis of the entire 38.6 mile corridor for the best use of either rail or trail purposes. The analysis included site visits, meetings, review of the existing studies, feasibility analysis, economic impact analysis, health and quality of life impact analysis, and final report recommending the corridors highest and best use.

This link provides more information on the evolution of the project, its struggles and triumphs. In addition it contains a copy of the final report and the resolution that the County unanimously pasted in favor of our recommendations.


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