Grant Procurement

No Free Lunch, No Free Money !

As we all know, there is no such thing as free money.

Under the best scenario, you have to put effort into procuring grants and low interest loans. The big question is always, "How do I get the maximum benefits with the least initial investment?"

Stone Consulting, Inc. can handle all facets of grant procurement and project development starting with the conceptualizing of the need, through an engineering cost estimate. We will help define what grant approval elements can be quantified, such as job creation/retention, safety factors, intermodal impacts and operational efficiencies.

Stone Consulting, Inc. will recommend the most appropriate grant programs and package the grant applications. We can assist you through the grant approval process to award and project implementation.

Who Do We Go To for Grants?
First to Stone Consulting, Inc. We have the experience to know what questions to ask and where to look for funds. Time and again we have developed creative approaches that produce results.

Contact us to discuss Grant Procurement for your project!
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