Expert Witness and Insurance Investigations

Stone Consulting has experts in all phases of railroading. Two professional engineers, Harvey Stone and Michael Keim, PE have railroad track design, bridge design, inspection and load rating experience. We have worked on floods, washouts and damaged bridges due to floods and collisions. We have experience in dealing with the FRA, FTA and the STB. Harvey is licensed in 31 states and Michael in 30.

Stone Consulting has 25+ years of railroad experience with short line railroads and streetcar systems. Provided track design, bridge design, operations and all types of inspection services to railroads and associated clients. No affiliations with Class 1 Railroads. Have provided written testimony to the STB for coal rate cases on behalf of power companies and have provided expert reports for derailments, accidents and many other types of claims against and for railroads.

Randy Gustafson and Doug Ellison are both experienced in railroad operations, railroad equipment and track appraisals. Our appraisals have been provided to and accepted by the IRS.

We have investigated insurance claims both railroad related and property damage for a number of nationally known insurance companies. These claims have included grade crossing accidents, damage to railroad equipment by trucks or other vehicles, determining blame for derailments, damage due to sewer line construction, foundation damage and damages to homes due to floods, hurricanes and traffic accidents.

Some of our recent assignments include:
  • Determining the cause of a derailment at an industrial facility shortly after the track had been repaired.

  • Providing testimony regarding earthwork quantities in a case where a mining company has sued a Class 1 railroad.

  • Providing testimony regarding repairs to a flooded railroad line where an insurance company is defending against a Class 1 railroad.

  • Providing testimony in several injury cases where the plaintiff fell because of streetcar tracks and sued the city and/or the transit authority and/or the design engineer.

  • Providing an expert report reviewing the railroad’s damages claim where a tug boat and barge damaged a Class 1 railroad bridge.

  • Helping an insurance company determine if the damages to a locomotive that occurred as a result of a grade crossing accident were as significant as the railroad claimed.

  • Determining the damages to a railroad as a result of longitudinal occupancy of a pipeline in their ROW.

  • Providing testimony to the Surface Transportation Board (STB) regarding the cost of construction and maintenance for railroads in 9 Coal Rate cases.
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